KneeOn Sisters

“From Mississippi Mud to Mountain Made,” the Tupelo born KneeOn Sisters, older sister Aerial-Grace “AG” Smith and younger sister Skyler Rose Smith, have been creating their own style not typical for young ladies of their age.  The “White Noise” of being in the rural mountains of Colorado, as well as being homeschooled, provided protection from many worldly distractions and allowed them to focus on their musical dreams. 

Although not being brought up in a family of musicians, the girls where exposed from an early age to Vintage Rock, Blues, and Country genres.  They developed a serious interest in music in their early teens and began participating with the worship team in their small church.  These experiences are major contributors to their music style.  You’ll find a taste of sassy, contemporary country; Texas blues; Classic Rock; and some Christian influence.  

The girls are not only committed to crafting their music, but they are also dedicated to learning the business side of today's music industry.  All of these factors are important reasons to watch these young ladies as their career unfolds.

From BTO, to Stevie Ray Vaughn, to Pistol Annie’s, the girls truly love performing their favorite covers.  They will continue to entertain the crowd with songs ranging from classic favorites to lesser known jewels.  

Debuting Fall 2018, the girls' first EP “Take One” presents a broad arrangement of great melodies.  On the four song EP, you’ll find a classic country ballad, a sweet contemporary pop, and two modern blues/rock songs.

From their first gig in September 2017, the girls' music career can definitely be summarized by a track from their EP… “Fast Pace”.