"KneeOn Sisters, featuring sisters Aerial Smith, 16, and Skyler Smith, 15, and Alan Mueller, 17, is a new addition to the Rok Skool groups led by Articipate’s Trevor “Bones” Davis.

KneeOn Sisters and another Rok Skool band, Highwater, will perform starting at 7 p.m. Friday at Fun Street Family Arcade, 243 F St.  Aerial Smith plays lead guitar and sings, Skyler Smith plays bass guitar and sings, and Mueller is the drummer for the recently formed group.

Aerial said Davis invited the sisters to attend Rok Skool camp last summer but couldn’t make it from their home in Westcliffe.  Davis invited them to try out Rok Skool again in the fall and they decided to do it. Bones then asked Mueller if he would take on playing the drums for the sisters, and he agreed. Mueller also plays guitar for Highwater.

The Smiths spent their early childhood in Mississippi, listening to country music on the radio, but they said that since moving to Colorado six years ago they’ve broadened their musical scope to include a number of genres.Both girls are home schooled and have developed their musical ability together. Everyone in the family likes music, Skyler said, but they wanted to play too.

They said their singing style has a country flair, but their music has a classic rock vibe, and they play a mix of covers from groups like Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Grand Funk Railroad as well as some of their original tunes, of which they have eight written.They take turns writing songs, with input from their dad.It’s whoever has the main idea, and then they work on the lyrics, music and bass together, Aerial said.

The addition of Mueller’s drums adds energy to the girls’ sound, they said, especially with classic rock.The trio said they are looking forward to playing together Friday night for the first time in public."